Our History

Arlington Line Mission/ Cottage Prayer meeting * 1889

Trinity chapel - 1904

Trinity Baptist Church - 1905


What led people to establish your church?


ln the late 1800's the Pastor of the West Somerville Baptist church during pastora visits felt there was a.spiritual need for the "Hendersonville. area of Arlington. There was a desire by theresidents for prayer meetings and there was no Christian Education for the children. The Pastor and deacons of their church started weekly cottage prayer meetings at their homes. After about 5 years they had outgrown the largest of the houses and it became apparent that the "Line Miss;ion" needed its own bigger space. So, the Somerville church reached out to the North Avenue Baptist Church in Cambridge to work together, a committee was formed, Trinity is the eventual result.


Who are the people (laiity and ministers) who stand out in the story of your church?


Rev. Drew Wyman -the pastor from West Somerville Baptist Church who recognized the need in the area for spiritual guidance and worked with other "brethren" from his home church to start weekly cottage prayer meetings, the foundation of Trinity.


Warren Teele - a cofounder of the cottage prayer meetings, a member of the joint committee to

establish the Arlington Line Mission Sunday School, launched the Sunday School & served as the Superintendent for 14-1/2 years, served on the committees that raised money and procured land for thechapel, secured services of the firstt pastor, appointed as 1of 3 trustees of Trinity Chapel, in 1-905 became a charter member of 'Trinity Baptist Church and was elected to be the only deacon a position he solely held until 1911

About us


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